The Rabbit’s Rabbit: BLACKBERRY to stop making phones for the general public?

The Rabbit’s Rabbit


It’s bad news for Blackerry lovers…





The company that makes Blackberry smartphones says it will now refocus on the corporate market rather than us normal consumers.


Research In Motion (RIM) has seen massive drop in sales over the past 12 months, thanks mostly to the Apple’s iPhone and the new google androids.


Do we all remember when Blackberry’s went down for days? This unreliability it seems is what has led to consumers moving on.


The Canadian company RIM made a net loss for the past three months t of £78m, compared with a profit of quadruple that last year.


Basically, this means that blackberry’s willow focus more on the Business market as opposed to worrying about normal people purchasing the handsets.


Even the BBC has noted the previous power of blackberry’s saying:


Blackberry devices were once so widely used they commanded the nickname ‘Crackberry’


I’m sure we can all relate… lol


This is not to say that Blackberry will stop making handsets for the general public altogether, more likely the company will look at selling it’s consumer arm to the business.


That said, BB’s are pretty much only good for one thing these days… Blackberry Messenger and even that’s dying a death!


Time for a change bb users?


Check out the vid below for more info….


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